MicroCube is a self-sufficient start-to-finish medical device company focused on uncovering clinical needs, developing breakthrough technologies and releasing turnkey product/procedures for clinical use.

We concurrently tackle 5 to 10 cutting-edge projects propelled by multi-disciplinary teams of creative problem-solvers with instant access to all necessary capabilities in one space.

In-house capabilities include diverse clinical practice knowledge, concept development, design, rapid prototyping and IP management, as well as market mapping, clinical trials and regulatory submissions.

MicroCube has a relentlessly open and self-enhancing culture that actively mentors designers, innovators and leaders to find and fulfill their calling as specialists and presidents in the device industry.

If your passion is hands-on excellence in medical device innovation, and can bring high energy with a demonstrable competence in design, technology/prototype development, clinical practice or creative problem-solving, please contact us to explore a relationship.